Electronic signatures

To fill out forms for CSRSEF, you can either:

  • Print them, fill it out, have signatures as necessary, scan, and upload.


  • Fill and sign electronically, and upload.

As the nation currently deals with a viral pandemic, we highly encourage all students and involved adults to practice e-signing practices instead of physical signing.

It is strongly encouraged to try e-sign on a computer or laptop. Adobe Reader is a free program that allows you to open PDF forms and fill them out easily. Adobe Reader will also let you insert in an e-signature with certification. Using a PDF reader program like Adobe Reader is the recommended way to perform E-signatures, but other valid methods exist.

A couple free and online platforms exist that allows digital signatures (does not require you to install a program!):





All these platforms allow you to add in text and signatures. Some of them have even more features. They all allow you to download a PDF after text has been inserted and signed. SmallPDF and Adobe Online Cloud allows you to “send” the file directly to another signer.

Students: don’t forget to upload your forms to STEMWizard!

STEMWizard FormUploader App

There is a FormUploader App for your phone that you can use for STEMWizard when needing to upload forms.


While this option exists, double check that the form you uploaded has the right information. Download the form on a computer after upload, to make sure that it is not blank and has all the right information.