BEFORE you get started on your project, take some time to think about what you want to do. All projects must be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee (SRC). SRC Review may be needed before you begin. CSRSEF suggests that you use the Intel ISEF Rules Wizard to help determine which forms you need.

  • Please note that if the ISEF Rules Wizard told you to complete an abstract, CSRSEF allows for abstracts to be written after the project is completed.

CSRSEF follows the same rules as the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). Check out the ISEF Rules & Guidelines to learn more. Many class assignments, senior projects, summer research projects, and displays created for other science competitions can be entered into the fair with minimal changes.


Early Submission: Jan 15, 2021 if your project requires special forms!

All projects must register and request SRC Review by Feb 15, 2021.

All Paperwork should be submitted through STEMWizard.

Electronic Signature Instructions

In order to send a form electronically to be signed by your Adult Sponsor/Designated Supervisor/Qualified Scientist, follow our guide to electronic signature instructions.

Required Main Forms – required by ALL projects

If these are the only forms you need, you do not have to wait for SRC Review to start your project. Submit your files + forms by Feb 15th.

Photo Release: 2021 Media-Indemnity-Ethics-Form The one form that is from CSRSEF Directly! This is also on STEMWizard after registration.

Form 1. 1-Checklist-for-Adult-Sponsor

Form 1A. 1A-Student-Checklist-Research-Plan-Instructions

Form 1B. 1B-Approval-Form

Linked provided for your convenience. The forms still must be submitted via STEMWizard.

Research Plan (See Form 1A for guidelines)

  • If you are doing your project as a team, you will submit all of your paperwork together–only one copy of all forms is needed EXCEPT the Approval Form 1B. Each student needs to fill out and also have their guardians sign an Approval Form 1B.

Special Forms you MAY need — early submission required!

Any project that needs any of the following forms is required to complete registration and request SRC Review by Jan 15, 2021, BEFORE STARTING EXPERIMENTATION.

Form 1C. Regulated Research Institutional/Industry Setting Form

  • Required AFTER experimentation (to be filled out by the supervising adult) at a regulated research institution, industrial setting, or any work site other than home, school, or the field.
  • This form has an exception —- since it is required AFTER experimentation, it must be provided after your project, by Feb 15, 2021.

Form 2. Qualified Scientist

  • Required for projects that need an adult who has a professional or doctoral degree.

Form 3. Risk-Assessment

  • Required for activities that are higher risk than household or school use. This includes the use of lab-grade chemicals, extensive use of power tools, or any other activity with an element of risk that is not covered by the other forms.

Form 4.


  • Required for any study using humans or human data. This includes surveys or asking people questions about themselves or about their thoughts and opinions on a topic. Needs to be submitted in conjunction with a sample consent form (see immediately below).


  • Required for any study using humans or human data. A sample consent form needs to be submitted along with the other ISEF forms for consideration by the Institutional Review Board BEFORE the study begins. In addition, all consents must be discussed with the participants BEFORE any data is collected; In addition, the consents need to be stored in a secure area. De-identification of data needs to be addressed, as well as any risks involved with the study. Note: there are risks for every study–even in a survey there is a risk of slight stress.

Form 5A&B. Vertebrate-Animal

  • Form 5A is required for projects that were conducted in a school/home/field research site. Form 5B is required for all research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted at a Regulated Research Institution that has an IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) that approved the experiment. Form 5B needs to be completed and signed AFTER the experiments are done.

Form 6A. Potentially-Hazardous-Biological-Agents

  • Required for projects that use microorganisms, recombinant DNA, fresh/frozen tissue (including cell lines and tissue culture work), blood, blood products, and body fluids.

Form 6B. Human-Vertebrate-Animal-Tissue

  • Required in conjunction with Form 6A for research involving fresh/frozen tissue (including cell lines and tissue culture work), blood, blood products, and body fluids. If the research involves living organisms, pleas ensure that the proper human or animal forms are completed.

Form 7. Continuation/Research Progress Projects Form

  • Required for projects that are continuing in the same field of study as the previous project. This form must be accompanied by the previous year’s abstract and research plan.

**Please Note: If you are working with human subjects, vertebrate animals, controlled substances and/or potentially hazardous biological agents, you MUST have your project approved BEFORE you begin your experiment. The purpose of the SRC/IRB is to make sure that you are doing your science fair project safely and ethically, therefore, the committee must approve your project before you start collecting data. If you have already started your experiment and did not receive prior approval, please contact us and let us know about your situation.

Ethics Statement

Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. Plagiarism, use or presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own and fabrication or falsification of data will not be tolerated. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition in affiliated fairs or the ISEF.