Project Materials

Project Materials

This page describes Project Materials for CSRSEF.

There are two components for Display and Safety for the fair. This page explains #1.

  1. Materials you provide for the fair
  2. Rules for the materials you provide in the fair (D&S Rules)

Virtual Fair: Required Material for CSRSEF

ISEF has explained project material requirements for a Virtual Fair. Their requirements are detailed later on this page. CSRSEF will follow different project material guidelines for a virtual fair compared to ISEF.

In summary:

  • Uploading early is better than uploading late!
  • You should have a Project Board – provided by day of fair.
  • A few pages of your logbook – uploaded by Feb 8, 8:55 PM (DATE EXTENDED)
  • A picture of yourself for identification – uploaded by Feb 8, 8:55 PM (DATE EXTENDED)
  • ALL materials shown and submitted MUST follow the D&S guidelines. Any violations may result in a disqualification.


Contrary to previous statements, we will NOT require the project board by Feb 5. Also, due to the nature of the fair this year, we are extending the deadline for logbook pages and profile picture submission. Your STEMWizard may have a different due date. This page is updated according to the most recent guidelines.

Follow the guidelines on STEMWizard about your logbook and profile picture. While the limit for filesize is 10MB, consider that this is a high upper limit. 10MB may take a while to load on some people’s browsers.

While we will not disqualify you for simply not having your logbook pages or a picture of yourself, judges will know that you were unable to provide these files. Furthermore, if we do suspect that there may be issues with your logbook or have doubts about the presenter, the lack of these files may work against you when considering a disqualification.

More information about the Project Board is provided later in this section.

We will be processing files starting the 5th and will alert any students with technical issues on their files. Judges will be provided a direct PDF link to your logbook and profile picture files. Due to this, we encourage you to UPLOAD your materials early. If you upload at the last minute and there is a technical problem, we may not be able to to work out a solution with you.

If you need to update a file after submission, please let us know about that at

If you are not sure how to export to PDF, see the bottom of this page for details exporting your files into a PDF. The best option is to test your PDF by sending it to others to view ー if they can see it, chances are high that judges can see it. 

Project Board

You do NOT need to submit the project board to STEMWizard before the fair. You can submit it at any time before Mar 13, 8:55PM PST. This means you can submit it before or after the fair. We expect all participants to:

  1. Show your project board via screen-share.
  2. Share your project board file with judges via the Zoom chat window (Recommended).

If you do submit the Project Board before the fair, fair volunteers may be able to help provide your judges with a copy of your project board, if you have issues. 

The “Project Board” is a loose term for CSRSEF. We are quite forgiving on what it is. Some options for what the project board can be are:

  • A presentation slide deck, exported as a PDF book, with each slide being a page.
  • A PDF with large panels, similar to a tri-fold poster design.
  • A PDF with a single large poster page.

Virtual Fair: ISEF Material Requirements

ISEF has different material requirements compared to CSRSEF. This section is relevant to ISEF only. Even though these are not requirements for CSRSEF, you may be interested in looking at this. The virtual fair project material guidelines are described in the PDF file below.

PDF File:

FOR ISEF: In summary, you should have:

  • Any additional ISEF paperwork
  • Project Presentation.
  • Provide a Quad Chart, to upload in Zoom chat during the fair.
  • Project video (2 min) – Your flipgrid video is a nice practice for this!

PDF Upload

There is a 10MB file upload limit on STEMWizard. Also, for practical reasons, you probably don’t want to upload anything bigger than 10MB anyways.

If you do not know how to combine images to PDF, there are free online methods such as:

If you need to reduce your PDF file size, you can try using PDF optimizers such as the following:

If you still need to reduce your PDF file size and you have pictures, you can try using image optimizers such as the following:

If you have technical questions or issues other than the above regarding files and uploads, contact .