Fair Registration


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We use a platform called STEMWizard to handle ALL fair related affairs, from registration, SRC, file submission, to announcements.

Did your teacher register?

Student registration cannot be done without a teacher registered in the system! A teacher (or a teacher representative) must register in the STEMWizard system first.

Make sure your teacher is registered! If your teacher is not registered, refer them to the teacher page.

If you are participating outside of a school, your Adult Sponsor or parent can register as your teacher instead. Your scientific mentor is likely NOT your teacher.

Register as a student on STEMWizard


STEMWizard is the online platform that will help you. Track the progress of your project and keep your communications with the fair all in one place.

Register as an individual or as a team. If you are a part of a team, all team members should register at the same time. Make sure to click the “team” option then up to 3 people can register together.

As per ISEF rules, there can only be up to 3 members in a team. Keep track of your login and password!

Be aware of the milestones

There are multiple milestones, some more urgent than others.

Milestone deadlines are still pending. Currently, there are placeholder deadlines.

However, there are several milestones you should do ASAP :

  • Project Information
  • COVID Questions
  • Research Plan

Pay the registration fee

Entry price for CSRSEF 2021 is still under consideration. DO NOT PAY YET.

Payment for EACH student is required.

Follow instructions on STEMWizard.
For teams: Each student must pay his/her own registration fee.